What is Power Mesh Fabric?

What is Power Mesh Fabric?

Oct 9th 2019

Choosing the wrong fabric can ruin any design no matter how elegant it looks. This is why you should be extremely careful while picking the material for your next sewing project. Power mesh might not be a popular fabric, but it can totally help you execute the most elegant designs. In this article, we’ll tell you about this material and how you can make the best of it.

What is Power Mesh Fabric?

In the past, lingerie and undergarments were usually made of power mesh fabric. Today this material is used to add decorations to your tops and dresses. Power mesh is known for its compression abilities so it’s one of the best materials that can be used for drapes.

Power mesh feels soft and lightweight. This is why it’s a common material for lining. However, it can also be used in more elegant models as it adds movement to any design. Power mesh is one of the most popular materials in party and theatre costumes because it’s so versatile. Athletes prefer this material because it’s lightweight and breathable. It’s a good choice for making costumes for ice skating, gymnastics, ballet, and other sports.

What Are the Best Uses for Power Mesh?

Any material can be used to make a good design if you know everything about its traits. Since power mesh feels soft and smooth to touch, it can be mainly used for the following purposes.

  • Lingerie
  • Shauls, cardigans and light cover ups
  • Ruffles and drapes on tops and dresses
  • Body contouring apparel

Power mesh looks and feels like tulle. With a 4-way stretch, it’s one of the most versatile materials. Although it’s not a common use of power mesh, you can even use it to make a skirt, as long as you pair it with proper lining. Most of the time, you can find power mesh in solid colors, but this material is also available in prints. You might use it as a decorative addition that complements the look of another solid fabric if you like playing with different textures.

Power mesh feels very comfortable. This is why it’s a common choice for activewear and swimwear. You won’t feel restricted as you work out or swim in an outfit made of power mesh. However, this material will represent only a portion of the design since it’s see-through.

Because it’s breathable, this is an excellent choice for active and loungewear. It keeps your body cool as you exercise and won’t make you feel sweaty after a long workout session. It dries fast too as it doesn’t retain the water. This is why it’s a sexy addition to swimsuits when combined with Lycra or spandex.

The fabric can be used in body contouring garments or to provide tummy control in tops and swimwear. It holds its shape and doesn’t feel loose so it’s extremely comfortable to wear under other pieces of clothing. This is the same material that you can find on top of a pantyhose but today you can find it in shorts, leggings, and other pieces of clothing when you want to show some skin elegantly.

Power mesh feels soft and feminine so it’s a popular choice for lingerie. The see-through look makes it an interesting choice that can be used to make teddies and babydolls as it shows the right amount of skin. It’s so versatile so it can be combined with other luxurious materials like satin and silk. It also hugs the body beautifully so it’s very comfortable to wear for long periods.

What Are the Main Features of Power Mesh?

Here’s a summary of the main features of power mesh.

  • This is a lightweight and breathable material that is suitable for activewear.
  • Retains its shape and doesn’t lose its elasticity.
  • Allows moisture to escape and keeps your body cool.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Drapes beautifully and can be used to make ruffles.

Knowing the main features of power mesh will help you choose the right design to show its potential. In order to work with this material, you’ll have to keep it flat and measure it accurately. Avoid stretching the material to make sure that you’ve got accurate measures for your design. Since this material is prone to snagging, you should use a universal needle or a ballpoint needle to sew it. Most beginners find this material quite difficult to work with. You should guide the fabric slowly while using the sewing machine to guarantee the quality of the outcome.

Taking Care of Power Mesh Fabric

This material was generally offered in basic colors like white, beige, and black when it was used to make undergarments. However, you can find it in more options as it’s a common choice for leggings, swimsuits, and other sexy pieces.

It colors very fast so it’s important to you wash it properly so it can retain the dye. It’s recommended that you wash the piece alone for a couple of times as the color is likely to bleed. This is true, especially if it’s a dark or bright color.

Power mesh is quite delicate so it’s recommended that you handle it with care. If you’re not careful, the fabric might accidentally cut or snag if it gets in touch with a sharp object. You should wash this fabric with delicates and avoid using the dryer. This will guarantee that the material maintains its shape and status. You can also hand wash it using warm water and a mild detergent. Power mesh retains its shape and stretches in all directions. This means that you don’t have to iron it to maintain its original status. If you must, you should use the low heat setting.

If you feel that your power mesh design feels too tight, you can apply a layer of corn starch on the skin. Athletes usually do this before they get into their power mesh costumes.

Power mesh is one of the softest and sexiest materials that you can use to execute different designs. Knowing its features and how to work with it, will help you come up with elegant and unique models.