Tie Dye Fabric

Tie dye fabric is an anomaly. There are few other patterns that can boast such singularity while also being so universally recognizable. Since its rise to popularity in the counter culture and psychedelia of the late 1960s and 1970s, its groovy motif has become synonymous with creativity and open-mindedness. To this day, wearing tie dye print continues to be a statement. Tie dye print fabric can add a colorful, whimsical flavor to any ensemble. 

When you shop our tie dye fabric collection, we're certain you'll find a unique to fit your wardrobe and style. In fact, we guarantee that no two pieces will ever look the same. We offer our tie dye fabric by the yard in knit and woven options, making it a stellar fabric choice for household accessories like pillows, cushions, and beyond.