Geometric / Abstract Fabric

Geometric fabric uses simple patterns and symmetry to convey a spectrum of aesthetics and designs. From the cutting edge chic of shapes on solid color backgrounds, to the more intricate and weaving bohemian and psychedelic designs of the 1960s and 1970s, geometric fabric adds a tasteful touch to any ensemble. Our expansive collection of geometric fabric lets you endlessly combine shapes, colors, and patterns across an array of garment options to find the perfect fit for your collection.  

Experimentation is at the very heart of abstract fabric. With a design and aesthetic rooted in the feeling a piece evokes rather than the mechanics of the design itself, abstract fabric is a perfect option for putting together the quintessential statement piece in your wardrobe. Abstract fabric ignores the rules, which means you can confidently pair a piece of abstract fabric with any other piece or accessory in your ensemble and it will feel right at home. Browse our diverse collection of geometric and abstract fabrics now.