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By The Yard

We pride ourselves on being able to sell Fabric By The Yard. Our minimum purchase quantity site wide is 5 yards. The 5 yard cut comes folded and shipped in a box. We also pride ourselves on giving flexibility to how many yards per print. A customer can choose to order 5 yards of one print and 25 yards of another and that’s totally OK! Lastly, we do offer bulk pricing and discounts for some customers. Please see below for more information.

Wholesale For Over 30 Years

We have been selling wholesale fabric for OVER 30 YEARS! Please feel free to reach out regarding wholesale pricing/ordering. The main barrier of entry to ordering wholesale is that you need to order AT LEAST 80 yards (1 roll) per print/color.


200+ Prints Available

We have OVER 200 different prints and are continuing to grow every single day! From Florals to Paisleys to Aztecs, we truly carry it all. We do the simple items, stripes, dots, etc to all the most complicated of striped floral prints! Please feel free to reach out if there is a print type you think we are missing, so we can put it in production ASAP!


Over 20 Different Fabric Options

We carry almost all of our prints on over 20 different fabric types. Everything is either a knit or a woven, but we carry A BUNCH of different textures/weights on both knits and woven. From items as light as Hi Multi Chiffon to thick formal wear fabric such as Velvet. Feel free to reach out for any questions on the weight/feel/type of a fabric if the name or content’s don’t sound familiar.


Visit Our LA Showroom

Address: 830 E. 14th Place, Los Angeles, CA, 90021

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30AM to 5:30PM

Parking Available